Accepting proposals to host the 2019 Gathering until September 30, 2018!

To host the next gathering, please submit your responses (Any format is accepted as long as we received a signed proposal which addresses the items listed below) to:


PO Box 7185,

Covington, WA 98042

Proposals for the 2019 Gathering may be submitted to or po box 7185, covington wa 98042

  •  Name of Tribe or Organization, Address/Location that will be used to host.

  •  Available facilities (Convention Center, Conference Rooms, Community Center, etc. and capacities) you are offering for our use as weaving rooms for members and youth track.

  •  Support from your Tribe or Organization for Gathering. (Sponsorship of any activities, banquet or waiver of fees associated with the Gathering, etc.)

  •  Special activities your Tribe or Organization may wish to host during the Gathering.

  • Available Lodging at and/or near Gathering site.

  •  Other amenities or support for the Gathering your Tribe or Organization may wish to provide for the Gathering or NNABA.

  • The Host Tribe/Organization is responsible to provide the dinner/banquet should it decide to have one at the Gathering.

  •  The Host Tribe/Organization will provide NNABA with a Committee and Chairperson for the planning and running of the Annual Gathering in conjunction with NNABA.

  •  The Host Tribe/Organization will provide a space free gratis (Convention Center, Longhouse, Hall, Gym, etc.) large enough to accommodate NNABA’s activities for the Gathering and the Annual Membership Meeting (including tables, chairs, etc.)

  •  The Host Tribe/Organization will secure enough reserved hotel rooms at their own facilities and/or from adjacent hotels to meet NNABA’s needs at special or reduced rates.

  •  In the selection process NNABA will take into consideration any additional support a Tribe/Org may provide.

  •  The Host Tribe/Organization may enlist other Tribes/Organizations to co-sponsor meals, events, etc.