To preserve, promote, and perpetuate the traditional art of Northwest Native American Basketry.


Thanks to the efforts of a few elders and the members of the Basketweavers Association, more recognition, respect, and interest is being shown to this beautiful form of art.

Traditional basketweavers from Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest organized the first Annual Gathering of Basketweavers in 1995.  

We are a membership-based organization.  Voting Members are weavers who are enrolled members of a Northwest tribe.  Associate Members are all others, both Native and non-Native, who support the Association.    About 70% are Voting Members.

In 2014 NNABA: 585 Members, 330 youth track participants, from 49 different tribes, eight states and one Canadian providence. 

Every year NNABA and a host tribe have a Gathering. The Annual Gathering moves to a different tribal location each year.  Gatherings have been held in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  Moving the Gathering allows members of all tribes to participate without incurring prohibitive travel expenses.  It also allows us to showcase local weaving specialties and honor the finest local weavers.